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Live a Full, Good, Life Alongside Friends

Choosing Elliscombe House as your next step in life - a special place where you can feel at home - is choosing a nurturing environment that empowers you to live a full, good, life alongside friends.

Elliscombe House is home to many successful, independent, older individuals who have pre-empted their future and have chosen to live in comfort and reassurance. We can assure you all the comforts of home with expert care, support, and companionship; we focus on care that is as unique as you are.

Sometimes residents arrive here after a series of losses and transitions, and this can cause feelings of loneliness, sadness, and often anxiety. We appreciate and understand the transition to care and our nursing team works with you to alleviate these feelings immediately. This also enables family members to step back from the care responsibilities of their loved ones and focus on the nicer things in life.

Moving into a care home may cause many overwhelming emotions, and whilst the thought of ‘leaving home’ can be a challenging prospect, we know how important it is to focus on the long-term benefits to an individual's health and wellbeing.

At Elliscombe House, we aim to ensure that everyone feels happy, relaxed, safe, respected, and included. By taking away the stress of completing everyday tasks and household chores, residents are left with more time and energy to socialise with others, and to get involved with the large range of activities we offer.

We encourage (and highly recommend!) bringing in personal belongings that will make your room feel like home.

Alongside the specialist 24-hour care and support we provide, in a secure, safe environment, living here will -

  • eliminate the stress of cleaning and maintaining a house,

  • enable you to enjoy daily, nutritious meals,

  • have family and friends visit – no restrictive visiting times

  • offer you the opportunity to socialise and make new friends,

  • encourage you to enjoy mentally stimulating activities, or try something new

  • offer you a familiar, regular routine,

  • enjoy your private, personalised room,

Our staff, whilst professional, are approachable, friendly, professional, & empathetic and will support you with your transition to care and beyond.


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