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Tiny, Fluffy Residents Join us at Elliscombe

Over the last two weeks we have watched in great anticipation, as 7 eggs hatched into fluffy little chicks. It's been a real treat and such a joy to be part of such a lovely, natural event.

Their care plans (mostly) involve warm hugs!

The first little one had to wait a while before he was joined by his brothers and sisters, but he chirped so loudly that everyone who passed by came to give him some reassuring hugs and lots of love!

Activities Manager, Natt, captured this amazing time-lapse of the second chick hatching;

They are all getting a lot bigger now and are practicing scratching and pecking at the straw in their crate, and are trying out their wings with some excitable flapping!

Residents have loved holding them and checking in on their progress as much as staff have!

They are leaving us this week, but not completely as they'll be going to new homes with a couple of our members of staff. We'll be able to keep you updated with their progress.


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