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Respite Care and Convalescence - Everyone Deserves Time out

Respite care at Elliscombe House supports both carers and those being cared for, to take a break from usual routines and take some time for yourself.

Respite care is also ideal for those looking for convalescence, either following a hospital stay or an illness. We are committed to providing you with the care and support you need to get back on your feet. But don't take our word for it - here are two testimonials from residents who were keen to share their experiences.

"After having a hernia repaired for the second time, I felt it prudent to look after myself for the first week after the operation. There were not many options for convalescence after surgery in and around where I live, but Elliscombe House did offer this service and I was very pleased that I chose to stay there. There is no way being on my own at home that I would have got myself three good meals a day as I was quite drugged-up and very sore. I am sure being well nourished helped the recovery and it was also nice knowing there was medical help available should be it needed. The first three days, I had meals in my room and then as I improved I went down to the dining area. The quality and choice of the food was excellent and, together with the attentiveness and care of the staff, made my stay very enjoyable. I recommend Elliscombe House wholeheartedly."

"I booked a 2 week stay at Elliscome following an operation. The location was perfect with views of the countryside. I have rarely met such a group of cheerful kind people who attended to my every need. Meals were tasty, I was pleased to be able to invite relations and friends to join me for lunch in the spacious orangery on a few occasions. There were interesting, varied activities each day, several art projects, seated yoga, florist taught us to make buttonholes, I particularly enjoyed the lady from Zoo Lab who brought various small creatures, my favourite a leopard gecko! I enjoyed being pampered and asked if I could stay a further 2 weeks. Returned home feeling rested and grateful for all the staff who made my stay enjoyable."

At Elliscombe House we understand that finding the right care can be a daunting prospect. For this purpose, some of our residents have used a respite stay to simply consider Elliscombe House becoming their new home.

So what are the next steps to joining us for Respite? Call our friendly team on 01963 32746 to have a chat and arrange a visit. We will arrange for the clinical team to assess your care requirements so that we are ready to provide you with everything you need when you come to stay.

With your room decided upon and payment made, you are ready to join us!


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