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Looking back at 2022

Beautiful Memories.

We've spent lots of time outside in the gardens and have invited many therapy animals to join us!

We managed to sneak in a few Llamas, and even a Leprechaun!

We've enjoyed many special times together, and have had lots and lots of tea and cake!

We have smiled and laughed our way through the year, even through the hard days.

We held our very own day of championship tennis - Wimblescombe - which was such a lot of fun for everyone!

There have been many days out to enjoy the communities on our doorstep.

We have been so grateful for the joys of family and friendships at Christmas.

We have welcomed the newest generation for cuddles, and have grown our nursing-strong team of carers.

There's been an abundance of activities to choose from.

We've celebrated all the big events, birthdays, and each other.

We can't wait to make more memories together.


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