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Information on Respite Care in Somerset

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

About Respite Care

For many, the care of an elderly relative – or perhaps relatives – is a task that has fallen on a family member. Sometimes the carer is also trying to maintain a professional position and has teenage children living with them. With the best will in the world, and whatever their situation, carers can sometimes feel that life is overwhelming. The cared-for person, though not usually juggling a work-life balance, may also feel the days ‘running into each other’ and long for a break.

This is where respite care can be invaluable. Respite care involves the elderly person being looked after by someone else for a few days or weeks; affording the carer a much-needed rest and the elderly person a refreshing change of scene. As they say, ‘a change is as good as a rest’ and respite care can thus be of huge value to both the carer and the cared-for.

Somerset-based respite care at Elliscombe House

At Elliscombe House, in beautiful Somerset we offer care of an exceptional standard. We understand the huge potential benefits of respite care and our short stay residents enjoy the same, superb, level of service that is provided for our full-time residents; directed by nurses who are experts in geriatric care.

As well as a welcome break from the daily routine, respite care can also be the perfect first step for someone who has been unwell, especially if the illness has involved a hospital stay and very little activity. This is especially important for the over 80s, as it is vitally important that they return as soon as possible to being as active as they can be. A week in a hospital bed can cost the over 80s over 15% of muscle mass, with all the attendant risks of falls and permanent sedentism. A few weeks of respite care in leafy Somerset could be the perfect recuperative tonic.

Would you like to know more about respite care in Somerset?

We welcome enquiries from those seeking respite care. If you feel that you, or someone close to you, would benefit from a short Somerset-based stay at Elliscombe House please get in touch. You can email us at or call 01963 32746.


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