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Former European Champion and GB number 1 Archer, Lou Wilson (Rees), Gives a Talk and Demonstration

At the age of 4, little Lou Wilson - then Rees - made a happy discovery whilst playing with a bamboo cane in her childhood garden; that she could transform this into a bow, along with many arrows!

Her parents enrolled her in a local club so that she could perfect her passion for shooting; and as her dad says, "to prevent death or serious maiming of her siblings." (Lou is number 3 of five children.)

Whilst Lou wouldn't be the first child to make such a wonderous discovery, she had the added bonus of following in her parent's footsteps - her mum and dad both discovered archery at age 39.

Within three years, Jane, Lou's mum, made it to the British team and won 3 medals, including silver in the European Championships in 2007. Andrew, Lou's dad, remarked that "where Jane was a very fast learner, I was much slower," and made it to the GB team within 10 years. Slow and steady certainly wins the race too, however, as he went on to win the All-British Field Championships.

By the time Lou was 20 she had won the individual and team GB Junior World Championships, including the European Junior Championships in 2013. In this competition, her GB Junior team came second overall. Lou also came second and third at the World Championships in 2010 and 2012.

Lou's younger sister, Lizzie, also took an interest in the sport winning the GB Senior World Championship - Team Round, at the age of 17.

Lou delighted residents as she talked about her career in archery and fascinated us all with her detailed discussion about the different bows and arrows used. Activities Manager, Sam, discovered that a traditional Long Bow was taller than her!

Lou then went on to demonstrate her skills in the garden as residents watched - many from the warmth of the Orangery - how easy she made hitting the centre point of the target. Top marks from us, that's for sure!

As well as being an Administrator here at Elliscombe House, Lou has a degree in Sports Fitness and Coaching (BSC Hons), so there are many strings to her bow!


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