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Don't Step on a Bee Day

Today, as it is 'Don't Step on a Bee' day, we were joined by the wonderful Lionel from the South East Division of the Somerset Beekeepers Association.

He spoke to residents about our native bees and their hives and discussed at length how bee colonies work. Fascinating is an understatement!

Passionate about bees and their essential place in our world, Lionel's talk - along with the association's aims - was to promote general awareness and understanding of honey bees.

"SBKA is a registered charity, has around 1,250 members and is made up of 12 affiliated Divisions. The volunteer-run organisation is governed by a Council consisting of elected officers and delegates representing all Divisions. SBKA is affiliated to the British Beekeepers’ Association. We provide training, promote best practice and offer advice, support and education to beekeepers and the public. Over the years our members have made – and continue to make - an impressive contribution to British beekeeping at both national and county levels." -

There is an abundance of beekeepers on our doorstep, and you can support your local beekeeper by visiting a nearby farm shop or deli and enjoying the honey produced by local bees from local flowers.


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